Weltmärchen II

Rasse Hannoveraner
Geschlecht Stute
Geburtsdatum 1994
Stockmaß ca. 168 cm
Farbe Braun
Lebensnummer DE 331318503594
Züchter Zuchthof Dree Böken


Weltmeyer World Cup I Woermann
Anka Absatz
Almmaerchen I Akzent II Absatz
Demut Darwin

Weitere Informationen

Weltmärchen II is, same as her sister Weltmärchen I, a phenomenon. She has been extremely successful both in sports as in breeding, has mad up many "Elite Winning Families", and for example is mother to Donaumärchen II (from Donnerhall) and Celiamärchen (from Conteur).

Despite breeding, Weltmärchen II has been winning and highly-placed on numerous competitions and championships as well as A- and L-dressages. She is M-ready.

One could fill books about Weltmärchen II, her family and their successes. It is altogether a highly reliable dam with lots of further potential. Especially health status and stability.

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