It is our aim to breed champions for international sports competitions. This is the reason why performance has been firmly anchored in our dam lines for many generations. Breeding, raising and training are focused on above mentioned goals. Besides breeding basics, horse-appropriate raising and careful and sound training matching the development of the horse are an important basis to produce successful future champions. Always true to the motto: "Confidence leads horses to self-confidence."

Award for horse-appropriate raising

Species-appropriate animal-rearing is our companies' highest maxime. Almost all of our stalls are creating in the form of open stables with lots of room, light and fresh air. Furthre, we have implemented a group housing for our horses. This type of management helps the young champions to develop self confidence and social strength.

The breeding site Zuchthof Dree Böken was nominated winner in a nationwide contest for horse farms and horse-appropriate raising in 2007. And since that time, Zuchthof Dree Böken has been constructively further advanced. Zuchthof Dree Böken is made up of approx. 135 ha pastures, meadows and forests along the lake "Langer See" in the municipal Heidesee, south of Berlin, close to the airport Berlin-Schönefeld.

Age-appropriate development

Demands in top class sports regarding Performance, Character, Health and thus regarding breeding and training are very complex and demanding today so that only a very small number of studs is able to meet such conditions in an appropriate manner.

As an example, feeding is always adapted so as to provide the future champions with everything they require to develop age-appropriately. We ensure that vitamins, minerals and trace elements are always sufficiently provided during all stages of development, combined with an appropriate deworming program. The Zuchthof consequently sticks to the vaccination schedule for all horses when it comes to influenza and equine herpes.

To ensure the individual supply in feed and nutrients of each horse, all horses get tied during feeding (including the foals twice a day). This is certainly a lot of work, but an investment for the whole life of the horse as the imprinting process also happens already with the foals.

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